At Peaches & Mint, our tagline is “Linking Wellness with Creativity”. We aim to embody the principle of Creative Wellness in both the philosophy of our business and through our creative workshop & event management offering.

Creative Wellness (definition):

“The act of mindfully pursuing a balance of mind, body, spirit and creativity”

Despite being a lesser-known dimension of wellness, humans have been actively participating in creative self-expression since prehistoric times, when our ancestors left rock paintings on the walls of caves. The Ancient Egyptians created incredibly elaborate paintings, structures, sculptures and other art media; when the arguably abstract word “art” did not even exist in their language.

One of the biggest fallacies around is that creativity is an innate quality, rather than a skill. Well-meaning statements such as “You are so lucky to be creative!” unfortunately perpetuate the idea that being creative is something that a person is or isn’t – with people often taking the view that if they deem themselves “not the creative type”, it is not worthwhile pursuing anything creative because they will not be good at it anyway.

This is scientifically incorrect.

Behavioural science has proved that while certain people may hold more natural creative talent, it is vital to remember that creativity is not a quality. As a skill, creativity is something that can be developed with practice; similar to an athletic skill. It is also time to challenge the traditional realm of artistry. As humans, we put our individual mark on what we do on a daily basis. Without the pressure of forcing yourself to be “an artist”, the majority of people will find that they already have a means of expressing themselves artistically. This may come in the form of tactile arts (activities such as painting, sketching, sewing), visual arts (including photography), audio art / music, or even cooking.

There is significant research backing the benefits of fostering creativity. At the very least, doing a creative activity that encourages self-expression will improve mood and lower your stress or cortisol levels. While the risk of catching an infectious physical disease has all but been removed from the parts of the world lucky enough to have access to revolutionary modern medicine, it is important to remember that emotional stress can be extremely damaging to the body, with our emotions and our biology far more intertwined that most people are aware. The human nervous system is not good at distinguishing between physical and emotional threats, with your body reacting just as strongly to a crucial work deadline or a dispute with a partner as it would if you were facing a true life-or-death situation. Lowering one’s stress level is therefore directly correlated with a stronger immune system and better physical health.

In addition, enhanced creative skills can assist in the generation of new ideas as well as solutions-focused thinking in the workplace. This is because it supports and develops a way of thinking that focuses on what is possible, rather than what isn’t.

“With enhanced creativity, instead of problems we see potential, instead of obstacles we see opportunities, and instead of challenges, we see a chance to create solutions.”

– Tina Seelig, Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Whether or not you have chosen an occupation that supports your personal individual creative interests, we challenge you this year to focus on practicing a new or old creative skill.

 There is a plethora of physical and mental benefits to embodying creative wellness into your lifestyle in 2020, and you might discover a surprising new passion along the way!

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