At Peaches and Mint, we provide a range of event management and event planning services to ensure that your event is an unforgettable one. We love creating and styling magical parties and events, including baby showers, bridal showers, bar & bat mitzvahs and birthday parties, to corporate events requiring a creative flair.

We will collaborate with you in a thoughtful way to allow your personal story to be accurately represented in style, regardless of the type of event or celebration.

We have selected some of our favourite beautiful event trends to inspire you for your event in 2020.

Boho Chic

Boho Chic lends itself to an endless number of stunning ideas, for special occasions big or small. Boho has a distinctly soft, romantic feel, as well as being stylish and classy. It uses mythical elements that are inspired by nature and the outdoors. Vibrant colours, delicate lighting, flower crowns, foliage and feathers – the more the better! Being eclectic is encouraged, with perfect matching items by no means a necessity.


Boho generally is associated with rich warm colours, such as saffron, ruby, bright pink, magenta and golden yellow. Cooler Boho colours include amethyst, turquoise and jade. They can also be combined for a space that exudes energy, while retaining a comfortable and cheerful feel. Cuisine should be unpretentious, with fresh fruits, cheeses and wholesome natural treats.

Botanical with a Touch of Rose Gold

 The main design concept behind the minimalistic Botanical theme is to be in touch with nature and the great outdoors. However, infusing this theme with a bold metallic such as rose gold transforms an event from rustic to elegant. This trend is well-suited to special occasions for both children and adults, as well as weddings.             

Simplicity is important for the success of this theme – as is the venue. An outdoor venue will immediately set the scene without much effort. Luckily, Cape Town has many such wonderful outdoor venues at its disposal. The colour scheme should ideally be kept as simple as possible, with deep greens, fresh whites, wooden components and rose gold.