Creative Workshops

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”

Maya Angelou

creative Corporate wellness days

In the past, “corporate wellness” consisted of medical aid benefits, and maybe a gym membership if one was lucky. However, wellness initiatives are now seen as an integral driver of company success, by keeping employees healthy, happy and motivated in their workplaces.

 We believe in the importance of cultivating a mentally and physically healthy office environment, particularly in corporate industries where professional life is centred around a culture of busyness, rather than maintaining a work-life balance. In South Africa, the stigma regarding mental health is sadly still prevalent – although awareness is increasing. Companies may therefore choose to create a supportive environment, instead of using labels.

Our corporate wellness days can be tailored to your company’s needs, and can be planned either from a team-building or individual perspective. 



  • Fun and relaxing
  • Reduces stress levels of employees
  • Get to know your team in ways that are inconceivable through verbal interaction
  • Enhanced team communication, interaction and building of relationships outside of defined day-to-day roles

Creative Workshops for all Special Occasions

 We offer our range of creative workshops as a private event experience for all special occasions and gatherings, including adults’ and children’s birthdays, bridal & bachelorette parties and baby showers.

Our workshops are a wonderful way for people to come together and take part in a fun activity that inspires them to tap into their creative sides and encourages personal expression, in a relaxed and sociable environment. We are able to customise workshops according to your group size, age of attendees and needs.

We have partnered with local creatives who love what they do, enabling them to share their passions for their crafts with your guests.

Follow our Instagram page for details on our social creative workshops and experiences for the public, to be held at various eclectic, up-and-coming spaces around Cape Town.

We also are working on many ideas for new and exciting creative workshops – watch this space! 


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