Grazing Tables

“Great food and great company are two of life’s simplest yet great pleasures.”


A Grazing Table is the best way to make a visual statement at any event or special occasion.

What is a Grazing Table?

Our Grazing Tables draw their creative inspiration from nature, travel and art.

We make use of a combination of colour, texture, foliage and floral elements to curate stunning decorative feasts set up on site at your venue by a food stylist. We only use high quality artisanal food items, which are ethically sourced from local farmers and suppliers in the Cape by a qualified in-house chef.

Peaches and Mint offers a range of set theme choices, or can customise the table according to your bespoke needs. Tables may include gourmet cheese selections, cured meats, dried fruit, nuts, olives, charcuterie as well as fresh fruit and veggies, dips, bread and other custom menu options to reflect the theme and season of your event. We will work with you to ensure all necessary dietary requirements are adhered to.

In essence, a Grazing Table is a gourmet buffet of food with a modern makeover, which typically contains non-food aspects such as greenery. Grazing tables were a top international culinary trend in 2019, with their unexpectedly sudden popularity even featuring in the Wall Street Journal!

Why choose a Grazing Table for your event?


Besides being a visual feast, “grazing” style eating is casual and relaxed, and can work at any type of event. It is designed to bring your guests together and allow them to share their love for food, giving them the opportunity to socialise with people. There is no “stuffy” sit-down meal atmosphere, and therefore administration related to guests’ food choices is minimised. Since guests serve themselves, labour costs for events are also kept at a minimum. The clean up process is also straightforward and water-wise, given that there are no dishes to wash.

Flat versus multi-dimensional Grazing Tables


Our flat Grazing Tables focus on the feast of food. They are set up on the table itself, on food safety brown paper. They come with an assortment of foliage to match your theme. Our flat tables are perfect for corporate events, baby showers, bridal parties or any type of party or celebration.

Our multi-dimensional Grazing Tables bring the “wow” factor to events, with features of elevated height. They include the use of props and platters along with foliage and nature-inspired elements, which are customised to your theme. These tables are a beautiful addition to weddings and celebrations of any kind, or any occasion where you would like the food to be an Impressive feature.


Across all borders and cultures, the sharing of food has always been part of the human story. However, in a consumer-driven global economy, the consequences of celebrations take their toll on the environment.

At Peaches and Mint, we abide by the following:

  1. We reduce and minimise what we need for each event to create less waste.
  2. We compost and recycle wherever possible.
  3. We support regenerative agriculture farming and small businesses.
  4. We only use recycled or plant-based crockery and cutlery.

*Travel fees for our Peaches and Mint team may be applicable, depending on your venue.