Natural / Organic Beauty Workshops

 The natural, organic beauty market has exploded over recent years, as the newer generations, specifically millennials and Gen Z, have developed an increased awareness of what is really inside skincare products. The days of blindly following superficial, celebrity-marketed cosmetic advertisements in magazines and on TV are over. An increased number of people are rejecting the use of chemical-filled cosmetics (that are still inexplicably tested on animals!) when there are organic alternatives available that consciously make use of sustainability practices.

What you will do

Our Natural / Organic Beauty workshops are interactive, educational experiences held by a knowledgeable Peaches and Mint hostess who will provide insight into a holistic approach to skincare. Each workshop attendee will receive a beautiful Natural Beauty box kit containing recipes and the various items required to create the products during the workshops.

Our aim is for every attendee to leave the workshop with an increased knowledge of natural products – for healthier living and happier skin, as well as the different products made during the workshop, all of which will be made with organic ingredients at home. Making your own products is so much cheaper than buying overpriced, chemical-filled items from stores!

We offer three types of Natural Beauty workshop, each with a different emphasis. Please see below for the different options.

We recommend our Natural/Organic Beauty parties for birthdays, baby showers and bridal parties! They are also ideal as a unique birthday party idea for teens and older children who are just starting to learn about organic products and skincare.


Length of workshop:
1.5-2 hours

Minimum number of attendees:
8+.                                                                                                                                                                        If there are less, a minimum charge for 8 attendees will apply.

Knowledge required:
None. Children of age 10+.

Knowledge required:

Price per workshop:
See below for pricing.

*Travel fees may be applicable if 20km+ out of Cape Town CBD.


*Travel fees for our Peaches and Mint team may be applicable, depending on your venue.